July 21, 2012 by Chris Craddock

See Emily Play (Perform) Photo by Emily Brinnand

See Emily Play should seriously consider changing her name. It’s not that the Pink Floyd reference isn’t cool (it very much is), it’s just its not accurate. After watching her she really needs to be called See Emily Perform.

Her powerful and dynamic vocals are acted out rather than sung through some of the most wonderful facial expressions you can hope to see from a musician and teaming up with Sheffield Chamber Orchestra at the intimate venue of the Library Theatre was the perfect combination to highlight this dramatic element to her live performances. 

As the Orchestra began to tune up and the crowd swelled into the sweltering room, the whole atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation and excitement at of seeing something unlike anything at Tramlines. And they were not let down.

See Emily Play was highlighted as one of the gigs to see at Tramlines and after she sat down at her piano and unleashed those stunning vocals with the gentle humming of the string section it was easy to see why. I was so absorbed by the whole nature of such a large performance crammed into a small venue like this that I didn’t even notice the rising heat as more and more people came to See Emily Play.

And the joys of her performance don’t even end there! After a few power ballads on the piano which whipped up the crowd, See Emily Play then pulled out the acoustic guitar and stood up to suddenly change the very character of the performance to a bit of a folk themed act, which put a smile on everyone’s face as they got a little boogie on in their seats.

But the contrasting styles didn’t stop there as See Emily Play also turned her riveting voice to change the concert once again and suddenly became a thrilling rock chick with slamming guitars from her backing band that were excellent throughout.

The venue, the orchestra, the crowd all added to an absolutely fantastic set from the soon to be called See Emily Perform and that name should become a command rather than just her name.



  1. […] This multi-talented musician from Sheffield beautifully blends rock with classical, jazz and folk. Her presence on stage demands attention; you don’t just see Emily play, you see Emily perform, as a friend of mine once put it. […]

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